The concept of SUBTITLING

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    June 24, 2023 5:21 PM EDT


    Subtitling is the written translation of the spoken language (source language) of a television program or film into the language of the viewing audience (the target language); the translated text usually appears in two lines at the foot of the screen simultaneously with the dialogue or narration in the source language.

    This simultaneous provision of meaning in two different languages, one in oral and the other in written text, is thus a new form of language transfer created by film and further developed by television. It combines the two ancient forms of interlingual communication, i.e., "interpretation," involving speaking only, and "translation," involving writing only. The concept is sometimes used synonymously with "captioning." In terms of technical production and display on the screen, there is no difference between the two, although it is useful to reserve the term "caption" for the screen display of writing in the same language.

    Subtitling is, together with dubbing, the main form of translation or "language transfer" in television, which is increasingly developing into a global medium in a world fragmented by about 5,000 languages. The scope of language transfer activity depends on the relative power of the television market of each country, its cultural, linguistic and communication environment, and audience preferences. Compared with North America, the countries of the European Union, for example, have a larger population, more TV viewers, TV households and program production. However, linguistic fragmentation has undermined their ability to effectively perform in the global market, and compete with the powerful, monolingual audiovisual economy of the United States. As a step toward the building of a "European single market," the Council of European Communities took measures in 1990 to overcome the "language barrier" by, among other means, promoting dubbing, subtitling, and multilingual broadcasting (see the text of the decision in Luyken, p. 208; Kilborn, p. 654). The deregulated market of Eastern Europe, too, is linguistically fragmented, and heavily dependent on imports. The annual total of foreign programs broadcast in Eastern Europe was estimated to be 19,000 hours in 1992 (Dries 1994:35). English has emerged as the largest source language in the world. Many countries prefer to import programs from the Anglophone audiovisual market in part because it is more economical to conduct language transfer from a single source language

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