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    This is the regular specs option design for professional Mountain bike rider, outer line routing design.
    about the design:
    XACD made titanium gravel bike frame with following specs options:
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    The titanium frame bicycle specs as following:

    Taper head tube designed;
    ...  more
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    This Titanium Bicycle Frames Custom is the special design for titanium mountain/ fat cruiser type design, so it can be use as the fat bike, or the mountain bike, here you can see have may curved tubes in this design, it will add more Increased frame tough...  more
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    This titanium mtb frame is the normal and regular and Classic style design, it can be used in regular mountain bike competitions and also in downhill competitions. this weight is 1.7kg, for Titanium 3AL2.5V/gr.9 material. this frame add the rack and fende...  more
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    This is the 451/20" titanium mini road bike frame design, this bike can be good use for women or Beginners or urban for short distance cyclists. Titanium bikes are also very lightweight and convenient tools, so especially this bike, he brought us a clean,...  more
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    It is very normal and widly use in our riding life, but how to custom the Ti mountain bike frame for yourself? first you must know the frame size, and the wheel size you will us, also the detail specs options, if you want use the bike as the downhill bike...  more