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6 Questions to consider when applying abroad

  • July 6, 2020 9:03 AM EDT

    When you are applying for abroad studies, you need to set some parameters and criteria. The top 6 questions to consider when applying abroad are related to the courses that you would like to take, the university in which you would like to take admission eligibility for the university, fee structure of the university, advantages of the university, and counseling details. You can get the information about these questions on the official websites of the concerned university. 

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    May 10, 2022 7:35 AM EDT
    The 6 basic steps for applying abroad are:
    1. Identifying country, universities and the course of your interest.
    2. Request universities for Application forms.
    3. Taking various required tests.
    4. Arranging and preparing Essays and recommendation letters.
    5. Completing and Sending Application forms along with required documents.

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    May 11, 2022 3:56 AM EDT


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