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    plastic on the bathroom door handle to collect garbage in it, then pour some bleach into the bathroom basin and around the sides and under the rim with a brush, and leave it for five minutes before rinsing it, and in the meantime you can move to clearing the places to put things in the bathroom by filling the spray bottle with water and vinegar White in equal quantities, then spray the solution on a paper towel or a piece of cloth, and wipe with it the place where soap is placed, toothpaste stains on faucets, mirrors, the basin, and around the seat and its accessories, then wash off the bleach that was placed in the beginning, and the floor can be cleaned or removed if the carpet is Time is short for the presence of guests, for example, then remove dust, hair, and any other dirt from the floor, and wipe the corners of the bathroom with a wet mop. [8] Arranging the living room To get a tidy living room, you can follow the following steps and tips: [9] Choosing a center for the room to coordinate the rest of the furniture around it, and the center could be the fireplace, for example, or the window, or the TV.

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