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    February 22, 2023 9:51 AM EST

    It is worth noting that memory is full of voids, and a person fills them in by seeing, feeling, smelling, tasting and listening. If a person is shown a partially covered image; he will perform a quick thinking process to know the owner of the image if it bears a picture of one of his close friends or not, but if it bears a picture of someone whom he does not know well, then he will take a longer time to match it with any pattern kept in memory, and finally it is indicated that the thinking process is a process Compare stored memories either with new information or with other memories that are also stored.

    Thinking is different according to the personality when presenting certain facts under the same circumstances and in front of different people, each of them will come to a different conclusion from the other, because thinking is a personal matter and to bring the picture closer, if two boxes are shown, the first is red and the second is yellow to several people, and they are asked to sort a group of cards The red and yellow are in the appropriate box, then they find among those cards an orange card, some will think that the orange is the product of the combination of yellow and red and will put it in one of the two boxes, and others will think that the orange color cannot be sorted in either of them, and the result is that there is no answer Indeed, true. [2] Thinking, feelings, and actions Thinking overlaps with feeling different feelings and doing daily actions; Feeling comes first, followed by thinking, then actions. When a person is afraid of going to a certain place, he feels it, then thinks about it, and then decides not to go.

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