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    February 9, 2023 10:07 AM EST

    Millions of lawyers graduate from law schools annually, but few of them have the ability to work in the legal profession, because the legal profession is not taught only in law schools, but extends to years after graduation. During these years, the lawyer must master various skills.

    It is not enough for a professional lawyer to learn the law and memorize the texts of the articles. Rather, every professional lawyer must learn many skills and possess many personal qualities that make him a professional lawyer. The most important of these are the following:

    1- Oral communication:
    Language is one of the most basic and fundamental tools of the legal profession, and the legal professional must understand and master the following:

    Conveying and communicating information in a concise manner with logical consistency.
    Communicate persuasively.
    Championing and supporting the positions and issues of public opinion.
    Mastering legal terminology.
    Develop listening skills with passion and listening.

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