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    February 9, 2023 9:20 AM EST

    One of the remarkable features in the act of reading is the growth and accumulation of the concept. It is the initial meaning that defines reading in the ability to understand the meanings of words. To the meaning that has become more complex and complex, that is, that which required the act of reading to open up to mental paths such as analysis, synthesis, comparison, criticism, and other matrix of mental meanings, from revealing the meanings of words to understanding the world and the will to influence it mentally and effectively; The heavy value of reading became clear, and new landmarks were drawn in differentiating between cultures: the culture that reads is the best, and the culture that does not read is the preferred one. However, what necessitates diverting the saying to me and showing its truth is that reading is not neutral moral advice for the sake of discovering sciences only; Rather, it descends within a specific vision of the world or an interpretive strategy for existence. Its meaning, function, and scope of thinking are drawn by the overall interpretation perspective and the demands of the symbolic and vital stakes of the human actor.


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    تحضير لغتي ثاني ابتدائي بطريقة الوحدات