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    February 9, 2023 5:12 AM EST

    Insects eat huge amounts of food. Many herbivores are herbivores and eat plants of all kinds and their parts, such as stems and leaves. There are insects eat the roots and the larvae of butterflies eat flowers . There are carnivores insects that live on small animals, such as other insects, or on other parts of dead large animals, such as horns, feathers, blood, and skin. Mosquito larvae live in swamps. They absorb water and filter bacteria, microalgae and fungi that live on it. Luminous worms emit a blue color in their bodies to attract small insects, trap them in their ropes, and then swallow them with their front legs to catch them.

    Insects have segmented bodies covered by an exoskeleton composed of hard sheets of chitin and proteins. These plates are covered with a waxy substance that protects them from water and prevents the inner tissues from drying out. The body is divided into three distinct sections, but they remain interconnected. These sections are: the head, the chest, and the abdomen.

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