Fan Zhanle, Hwang Sun-woo is the Light of Asia

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    [Asian Games] Fan Zhanle: “Hwang Sun-woo is the Light of Asia” Courtesy... 200m Freestyle Ahowdown on the 27th




    Sun-woo Hwang challenges to break Sun Yang's Asian record... Hojun Lee and accompanying medal are also expected.


    Hwang Seon-woo (20, Gangwon Provincial Office) calls Fan Zhanle (19, China) his ‘cute younger brother.’ 카지노사이트탑


    At the same time, he admits that he is "a great athlete who has a scary record in the 100m freestyle, which was a higher barrier for Asian athletes."


    When Fan Zhanle also meets Huang Sunyu, he smiles like a child and looks at him with longing eyes.


    Xinhua News Agency said in an article sent late at night on the 25th, "Fan Zhanle considers David Popovich and Hwang Sun-woo, who hold the men's 100m freestyle world record (46.86 seconds), as his idols," and added, "In Fan Zhanle's eyes, Hwang Sun-woo is 'Asia's best freestyle sprinter.'" 'The light of'".


    After competing in the same group as Hwang Sun-woo in the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games swimming management men's 100m freestyle preliminaries held at the Hangzhou Olympic Center swimming pool in Zhejiang, China on the 24th, Fan Zhanle said, "Hwang Sun-woo and I are competitors and friends.


    He also expressed his 'friendship' by saying, "I'm happy that Hwang Sun-woo had a good race."


    In the 100m freestyle preliminaries, Hwang Sun-woo clocked 48.54 seconds, beating Pan Zan-le with 48.66 seconds, but in the finals, where the real match took place, Pan Zhan-le finished with 46 seconds.


    He won by setting a new Asian record of 97.


    Hwang Sun-woo won the bronze medal with a time of 48.04.


    At the award ceremony, Hwang Sun-woo congratulated Fan Zhanle, and in a later interview, he said, "Fan Zhanle is the first Asian athlete to break the 47-second barrier.


    Congratulations, and I will try harder."


    In the men's 800m relay held on the 25th, Fan Zhanle and Hwang Sun-woo once again raced together as the last runners.


    Following Yang Jae-hoon (25, Gangwon Provincial Office), Lee Ho-jun (22, Daegu Metropolitan City Hall), and Kim Woo-min (22, Gangwon Provincial Office), Korea, led by Hwang Seon-woo, won by setting an Asian record of 7:01.73, while China won at 7:03.


    He finished second in 40 seconds, 1.67 seconds behind Korea.


    Hwang Sun-woo and Fan Zhanle achieved ‘1 win and 1 loss’ in their two matches in this Asian Games.


    On the 27th, the two will face off for the third time.


    This event is the 200m freestyle, where Hwang Sun-woo has the upper hand.


    Sunwoo Hwang won two consecutive world championship medals in the 200m freestyle (2nd place in Budapest 2022, 3rd place in Fukuoka 2023).


    Hwang Sun-woo's personal best record in this event is 1 minute 44.42 seconds, which is 0.23 seconds faster than Fan Zhanle's 1 minute 44.65 seconds.


    In fact, Hwang Sun-woo is even trying to break the Asian record (1 minute 44.39 seconds) held by Sun Yang (31, China), who is considered 'Asia's best swimmer of all time.'


    On the 21st, upon arriving in Hangzhou, Hwang Sun-woo said, “I am 0.03 seconds closer to the Asian record in the 200m freestyle, so I want to set an Asian record and stand on the highest podium.”


    He said, "Sun Yang is an athlete who left a big mark on the world of swimming.


    My main event is the 200m freestyle, and breaking the record in this event has always been the most important goal for me."


    He added, "I set an Asian record in Hangzhou, Sun Yang's hometown, and won a gold medal. “If I win, it will truly be the ‘perfect Asian Games’ for me,” he said.


    Sunwoo Hwang, who won his first individual medal (3rd place) in the 100m freestyle at the Asian Games and his first gold medal in the 800m relay, a team event, will head for his first gold medal in the individual event at the Asian Games on the 27th.


    Hojun Lee is also a strong medal candidate in the 200m freestyle.


    At the Fukuoka World Championships, he reached the final stage with Hwang Sun-woo and took 6th place (1 minute 46.04 seconds).


    Hwang Sun-woo and Lee Ho-jun were the first Korean athletes to compete in the finals at the same time at the World Aquatics Championships.


    When Hwang Sun-woo and Lee Ho-jun stand on the podium at the same time on the 27th, Korean men's swimming management will be happy to produce two medalists in a single event at the Asian Games for the first time in 21 years since the men's 1,500m freestyle at the Busan Games in 2002 (second place Seong-mo Cho and third place Gyu-cheol Han). enjoy