Dae-Sung Lee says AG tragedy "acknowledges defeat, now is oppor

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    Heading to the Japan Professional Basketball B League in July
    "I want to play for the national team if I get the chance"

    Former men's national basketball team captain Lee Dae-sung (Mikawa, Shihosuzu) acknowledged the embarrassing seventh-place finish at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, saying he sees it as an opportunity to grow.

    "We have to admit defeat and focus on the future," Lee said at a video press conference hosted by the Japan Professional Basketball B League on the 18th. This is an opportunity for Korean basketball to grow," he said.

    "As a player, the most important thing is how you deal with a big failure. That's the attitude that makes a player's level," he said, adding, "It's obvious that we received a disappointing result. How we deal with it is important."

    South Korea, led by Chu Il-seung, finished seventh at the Hangzhou Asian Games, losing to Japan, which was fielding a second-ranked team or lower. It was the first time South Korea had won a medal in 17 years since Doha 2006.

    Lee Dae-sung served as the national team captain until last year, when he was dropped from the revamped squad ahead of the Asian Games. He was not named alongside former KBL Most Valuable Player (MVP) Choi Jun-yong (KCC).

    "If I get the chance, I want to do my best and play for the national team," Lee said.

    After finishing last season with Daegu Korea Gas Corporation, 카지노사이트랭크 Lee moved to B-League Seahorses Mikawa in July.

    He said, "I came with my family and it was easy to adapt. "The first thing is to adapt to the team quickly. It's a new environment. Being able to help the team win is the measure of success."

    After weighing the options of Japan and Australia, he finally chose Japan. He suggested that more Korean players should try their hand at the international stage.

    "We want to go abroad to get better," said Lee Dae-sung, adding, "There are many difficult environments, but I believe I made a good choice. I am confident that I can find great meaning."

    "My goal is to stay healthy and play all 60 games," he said, adding, "I want to seize the opportunity and contribute to the team's victory."

    "I believe that in any sport, the challenge of a new and better environment helps you grow. The KBL is a good league, but there are many better leagues in the world. We have been stingy with overseas expansion. "I'm not saying that Japan is better, but I want players to experience a new environment. I hope that dreaming bigger will be a new high point for the players."

    Through four regular season games in his debut season, Lee is averaging 7.3 points, four rebounds and one assist. 섯다