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MapleStory M: How to Get Equipment

  • February 15, 2019

    In order to find equipment in MaplestoryM Mesos, you're likely to need to start out lots of treasure boxes. You will get one of these for free daily you log-in, or you'll be able to spend 50,000 Meso to purchase one. Alternately, treasure boxes can be found in the match's Elite Dungeons, in case you feel confident in taking them on.

    Gear may also be gotten in MapleStory M from purchasing the stuff at any Trade Stations you see in the game, so be sure that you've got loads of Meso saved up to receive your hands on the weapons you really want.

    From those choices, we suggest getting almost all of your equipment in the sport from Trade Stations. Meso, the game's money, is really pretty easy to find, particularly once you've got a fairly powerful character. Besides, you can simply purchase the Epic-level equipment on offer, that's the very highest rank that gear you purchase from the market will be.

    Even as soon as you've obtained Epic-level equipment in best maplestory m mesos to have, you still may want to make it stronger. You'll have to have a lot of Meso saved up in the event that you do need to update these weapons, but it'll make your character fairly unstoppable.

    MapleStory M has finally released and it's time to get to leveling up within the match. This time, you're able to do this by wherever thanks to the modern ability of your smartphone. The staples that fans know and love are all here, such as mounts. Here is the way to work with mounts in MapleStory M.

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