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Maplestory M Mesos Overview: Long Live The King

  • January 23, 2019

    I understand Nexon doesn't deal with botters very well, and that's another problem altogether, but that I had an idea on how to potentially limit their creation. 99 percent of botters I visit have titles using a series of characters and numbers. Couldn't you implement a text filter when someone attempts to make a personality and block the personality based on this to recognize random strings?

    I returned to the game to the end of last August, with the sole goal of trying to buy MaplestoryM Mesos 2mil selection, with no dipping into my pockets, needless to say. This, I believed, was an achievement worth some thing because of how fairly obvious it's that 99 have invested a substantial amount of cash to'achieve' it.

    Eight months later, after having accrued around 300bil worth of mesos without selling a single thing from leech (this amount includes various methods of payment converted into maplestory m mesos with the conventional rates in the economy), I have finally accomplished my objective. I am currently a 212 Night Lord at Renegades that can solo Hard Magnus, the first three Chaos Root Abyss bosses, and Hell Gollux.

    However, rather than finding this'end game' status best maplestory m mesos site  , I just find no difference whatsoever between where I am now, and even where I had been several months ago, when I was barely scratching through Hard Gollux.

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