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    The Christmas holidays are a fun and festive time of year. Decorating the house and the Christmas tree are great ways to get into the Christmas frame of mind. And making your own Christmas decorations is an even better way to get into the Christmas spirit. It can seem hard to come up with fresh Christmas decoration ideas Bill Laimbeer Pistons Jersey , but in reality it is not that difficult. Just look around you, around the house and in the stores. You can also find many ideas by browsing the internet.

    Many fun decorations can be made with simple items found around the house. These Christmas decoration ideas can be made with kids for an added touch of fun. Some free Christmas decoration ideas include paper chains, popcorn garland Ben Wallace Pistons Jersey , and, the ever popular, felt and glitter ornaments. You can also use evergreens to make decoration pieces around a candle.

    Paper is a logical choice when it comes to making your own Christmas decoration. You could cut strips from any of the paper around your house Andre Drummond Pistons Jersey , whether it is the newspaper, packaging materials or any other paper you may have. Take one strand and put the ends together with some overlap. Glue the overlapping peaces together to form the first ring. Stick the second peace of paper through the first ring and glue the ends together. Use all kinds of different colors to make a chain for your Christmas tree or to decorate any part of your house.

    Popcorn garland is another one of the fun free Christmas decoration ideas that take little time, money Allen Iverson Pistons Jersey , or effort. Initially, pop a bag of popcorn in the microwave. Next, thread a needle with a long piece of thread (as long as you would like the garland to be). Finally Tracy McGrady Jersey , thread the needle through the middle of the popped kernels, one after another, until the popcorn reaches the needle. Knot the end of the thread and display your garland on your Christmas tree.

    In our family this Christmas decoration has been a tradition for as long as I can remember. Every year my mom would bring out her felt Tobias Harris Jersey , glitters and the hot glue gun and me and my siblings would craft ornaments for each other and for our parents. We would cut felt in the shape we liked. We would attach an object to the felt and cover the Christmas ornament with glitters. After attaching a string we would hand out the ornaments to each of the family members and we would decorate the tree each with our own Christmas ornament. Give it a try and before you know you will have started a great family tradition that everybody looks forward to, year after year.

    Christmas traditions are very special. If you think about it, you were celebrating the same way with your parents as your kids are with you. Not only are you honoring a longstanding tradition Terry Mills Jersey , but you are also coming up with Christmas decoration ideas that keep everyones juices flowing and create that unique Christmas spirit. Making your own (low budget) ornaments and seeing them hanging on the Christmas tree year after year will bring back fun memories for all to share.

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    RIO DE JANEIRO, Aug. 13 (Xinhua) -- Following is the schedule of Rio Olympics finals to be contested on Sunday, August 14 (all local time):


    7:00 Men's fourth round


    9:30 Women's marathon

    20:55 Women's triple jump

    22:00 Men's 400m

    22:25 Men's 100m


    12:00 Women's doubles

    NB 14:00 Mixed doubles

    NB 15:30 Men's singles


    13:00 Men's 50m rifle 3 positions


    13:05 Men's RS:X

    14:05 Women's RS:X


    14:00 Men's floor exercise

    14:47 Women's vault

    15:34 Men's pommel horse

    16:21 Women's uneven bars


    14:15 Men's light fly (46-49kg)


    16:00 Women's 3m springboard


    17:15 Men's Greco-Roman 59kg

    17:30 Men's Greco-Roman 75kg

    Track cycling

    17:42 Men's sprint race 2

    18:47 Men's sprint race 3 (Race 3 only takes place only when winner can not be decided in race 2)


    18:30 Men's team epee


    19:00 Women's +75kg

    by Maria Spiliopoulou

    ATHENS, March 13 (Xinhua) -- Bank of Greece has submitted documents to the Supreme Court prosecutor clearly showing that a Greek self-claimed "billionaire" pledging to pay off Greek debt has no assets, "Vima" (Tribune) newspaper reported on Monday.

    The documents were submitted on January 23, according to Monday's article citing judicial sources, in order to assist ongoing investigations for fraud and the establishment of a criminal organization into Artemis Sorras, a 50-year-old man who first appeared in public life five years ago.

    "The central Bank asked five Greek lenders to release information on the assets of Artemis Sorras. The response was there are no assets," said the report.

    Sorras introduced himself as the manager of a trust fund with 600 billion dollars in U.S. bonds he claimed he inherited from shareholders in the Banque d'Orient, a bank that merged with the National Bank of Greece in the early 20th century.

    The "manager" claimed he would put the money at the disposal of the Greek state to pay off its debt load, and he would also pay off the debts held by all Greek citizens.

    Although most Greeks treated the case as a joke, thousands of desperate austerity-hit citizens enrolled in the political organization he founded, paying membership fees.

    Authorities launched a series of investigations against Sorras in recent months after at least 7,000 citizens encouraged publicly by the "billionaire" went to tax offices, social security funds and banks.

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    Now that it is officially November, Christmas deals with discounts from Amazon, Walmart, and Target on top-selling items including TVs, vacuums, AirPods, air fryers, clothes, toys, and more will start before you know it. Finding a holiday gift at a record-low price during the 2022 Big sales event is a terrific way to cross someone off your shopping list and save money.

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