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How to use Zoom in Web Portal ?

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    February 25, 2022 6:03 AM EST

    You can simply log into the Zoom Web Portal by visiting and accessing the signup page for the service. If you have an account in Zoom, then you can sign in. If you are a new user, then click on the "sign up for free" button at the top of the right side. On the next page, you enter your D.O.B. and click on continue. Then simply fill in the email ID and click on signup. You will get a verification mail on your updated e-mail ID, click on it and activate it. Now you can easily sign up for your Zoom account. Now you can enter your first name and last name with a strong password.


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    October 6, 2022 3:53 AM EDT

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    October 7, 2022 5:59 AM EDT

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    October 23, 2022 9:21 AM EDT

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