Fortnite tips for beginners: How to get better at the game?

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    January 21, 2022 5:19 PM EST

    The ideal time to start playing Fortnite is certainly right now. Players were discovering new methods to play the game even a year ago. Every day, you'd learn a new technique, such as piece control, side leaps, triple edits, Mongraal classic, new Tifu classic, and so on. As a new player, there was a lot to take in, and keeping up with the meta became increasingly difficult, especially when you didn't know what worked and what didn't. Here are some Fortnite advice for newcomers.

    As a new player, though, there is nothing 'new' to learn. All of the tools are at your disposal; all you have to do now is practice and flex unique skins, which you can still obtain if you purchase a Fortnite account. This book will teach you the essential fundamentals you'll need to grasp in order to improve your core gaming. So, without further ado, let's get this party started.

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     1. Quick and Efficient Box Construction- In Fortnite, the majority of combat take place in a box. So, in a 1v1 situation, winning hinges on how quickly you can box up while being shot. A box is made up of four walls, two floors, and two cones, totaling 80 materials. Looking straight down (at a 90° angle) and spinning while in construction mode is the most effective technique to form a box. Being a few degrees off will cause the wall to be misplaced, inviting all sorts of havoc from the adversaries.

     2. Edit Key Bind for Better Efficiency- Winning all 1v1 engagements requires the ability to swiftly start and reset an edit. Binding 'Building Edit' and 'Reset Building Edit' to the mouse scroll, or controller inputs on XBOX and PS, is the fastest way to accomplish this. You can alter walls, take your shot, then rapidly reset it to protect yourself from opposing fire by doing so. Mastering this will increase your engagements, and if you want to win even more, you may get Fortnite rank boosting services.

     3. Mastering Edit Peeks- Fortnite's third-person camera perspective allows players to sneak around behind walls and shoot without being seen. In top-tier gameplay, the right-hand peek technique is the bread and butter. The sooner you master it, the more Victory Royales you'll be able to score.

     4. Editing blueprints while wielding a weapon requires players to point the crosshair directly at the wall. They can, however, alter a wall without looking at it directly if they have the blueprint. You can boost your efficiency at landing shots by using this function without shifting the crosshair.

    First, double-check an edit. It might be a half-wall, a window, or something else entirely. To reset the edit, shoot the opponent and rapidly switch to the blueprint. Return to your weapon at the end. You can keep the crosshair on the adversary while altering and resetting walls with blueprint alterations.

    Professionals not only have cool-looking equipment, but they can also complete the entire routine in a flash. Learning these fundamentals early on will help you improve as a player. And if you want some exclusive skins to go with your hard-earned talents, just get a Fortnite account and become the legend you were born to be.

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