digital transformation

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    December 23, 2021 5:09 AM EST

    Is digital transformation just about business?
    Digital transformation applies to any area. For example, active digitalization is taking place in healthcare. "Cloud" solutions for storing Big Data (test results, images), telemedicine, devices for remote monitoring of patients' condition and mobile applications for finding a doctor are changing the approach to treatment.
    Digital transformation is also taking place in education. Now almost every modern school has interactive whiteboards, schoolchildren have electronic diaries, and teachers actively use social networks to stay in touch with students and advise on homework. True, the digital transformation of education is not limited to replacing the notebook with a computer. Technology makes it possible to apply methods that cannot be realized with conventional contact learning. For example, students must create audio and video content, do joint projects. That is, IT is starting to act as an important tool for thinking.
    Digital transformation is also taking place in agriculture, construction, public administration and many other areas.

  • December 23, 2021 5:37 AM EST

    Digitalization of processes is relevant not only at the level of individual enterprises: entire industries choose this path of development for themselves as the only opportunity to meet the rapidly changing conditions of the surrounding world. As a result, the digital transformation of the public sector retail industry and other sectors is already changing the lives of every person and every company.

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    December 23, 2021 5:53 AM EST

    Implementing sustainable development principles requires discipline. Alas, our attempts to develop this personal quality are often unsuccessful. The point is that you cannot master the principles in isolation from everyone else. The culture of the entire organization must be built around this, and sometimes a change initiator is required, a developer.

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    December 23, 2021 6:18 AM EST

    In software development, the scope for changing the scope of work is much wider; therefore, the team can ensure consistently high quality, form a dynamically developing development culture and maintain close relationships with the commercial side of the company.

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    December 23, 2021 7:08 AM EST

    Talented software engineers joined forces to implement an ambitious biotech startup and then to automate an industry leader. The success of the joint activity gave rise to the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčregistering a society in which software and its creation is the first and most important occupation in life. This is how the software development   center appeared. Today the company has offices in the most developed cities. This geography allows attracting the most responsible and qualified programmers and responsively to the needs of customers from all over the world while maintaining a comfortable price level.

  • December 23, 2021 7:34 AM EST

    Digital transformation of business processes is aimed at ensuring that companies quickly make decisions, instantly adapt their work to the requirements of the current moment and meet the needs of customers. All these and other digital transformation technologies have lowered the threshold of entry into many areas. Starting your own business and developing it has become easier thanks to the huge number of tools that digitalization of industries and enterprises provides.

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    September 12, 2023 9:48 AM EDT

    Digital Transformation in Utilities revolutionizes the way utilities interact with their customers, enhancing the overall experience. Through the implementation of customer-centric digital platforms, utilities can provide personalized services, tailored recommendations, and real-time consumption insights. 

    Moreover, digital communication channels have enabled utilities to respond to customer inquiries and resolve issues 30% faster, leading to a significant improvement in customer experience. 

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    October 24, 2023 10:54 AM EDT

    In today's rapidly evolving business era, organizations are not merely adapting to the digital transformation journey, they are actively driving it. Moreover, the statistics surrounding the importance of digital transformation in businesses are nothing short of staggering and you can see it below yourself. - By the year 2026, it's projected that global spending on digital business transformation will soar to an astonishing $3.4 trillion, underscoring the paramount importance of embracing this paradigm shift. However, this is just the beginning!

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