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Contrails: What changes might help?

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    October 25, 2021 1:23 AM EDT


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    Adjust flight routes so aircraft can avoid areas where they form
    Teach pilots how to change altitude mid-flight without disrupting passengers' comfort Introduce a contrails tax, and give airlines a refund if their flights are contrail-free
    lineContrails can last for seconds, hours or even a day in the atmosphere - and this determines the climate impact of a particular contrail will have. But recent research shows there could be a solution for this overlooked issue.

    Prof Marc Stettler, transport and environment lecturer at Imperial College London, says changing the altitude of fewer than 2% of flights could potentially reduce contrail-linked climate change by a staggering 59%. "Tweaking the flight elevation by just a thousand feet can stop some contrails from forming," he explains.

    Adjustments would mean an aircraft could avoid some of the regions of the atmosphere that are cold and humid enough to create contrails in the first place."A relatively small proportion of flights contribute to the majority of climate impact. So if we can alter these flights , we can significantly reduce the climate impact," says Prof Stettler.
    Recent research from Prof Christiane Voigt, head of the cloud physics department at Mainz University, Germany, underlines this.
    She has been conducting trials with the German Aerospace Center (DLR) to measure and mitigate the impact of contrails.

    Her team use high-altitude long-range (HALO) G550 research aircraft to gather their data. The aircraft carries wing-mounted instruments measuring contrail properties and the light scattered by radiation. This allows them to evaluate their forecasts' accuracy and investigate the impact of radiation.

    "Our results have been really positive. We were able to predict and avoid around 80% of the contrails with little cost," she says. Prof Voigt adds that very few flights would have to be deviated to win a "large climate impact".

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    October 25, 2021 4:49 AM EDT

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