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5 Healthy Cooking Oils good for weight loss

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    October 23, 2021 4:55 AM EDT


    Most of the healthy oils are extracted and distilled from natural raw materials. until it came out as an oil that was sold in supermarkets or general department stores by healthy oil especially in the field of control or weight loss are as follows

        1. Olive oil
        It is an oil known for maintaining heart health. Because there are phenolic compounds (Phenolic) is a group of phytochemicals. (Phytochemicals) that contribute to anti-inflammatory and dilate blood vessels Ready to help reduce bad cholesterol levels.

        The ideal amount of olive oil is 4 tablespoons/day, and is often used as a topping in pasta and salad dishes, or for low-temperature cooking. Not suitable for use in high temperature or high heat because it will result in the degradation of antioxidants in olive oil.

        2. Canola oil
        Canola oil has just 7% saturated fat and is high in unsaturated fat. It lowers bad cholesterol by up to 17% compared to other bad oil-based foods and is great for a variety of cooking uses. Whether it's fried, roasted or baked, it may not be suitable for dishes like salads, pasta, and olive oil.

        3. Avocado oil
        One study published in the June 2019 issue of Molecules found that avocado oil has good nutritional value. help to control weight And it can also be used to cook all kinds of food, such as boiling, stir-frying, curry, frying, and baking. Call it all, you only have one bottle of healthy cooking oil like avocado oil in your kitchen. It's worth it and super healthy.

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        4. Sesame oil
        For those who want to marinate or season the ingredients before cooking. Using sesame oil may be the right choice for you, as sesame oil has anti-inflammatory properties. Antioxidant control blood pressure and reduce the risk of coronary heart problems from the accumulation of fat as well

        5. Walnut oil
        Walnut oil is rich in healthy omega-3 fatty acids. But may not be suitable for high temperature cooking. as well as olive oil They are ideal for use in salads. Or add more flavor to various dessert menus

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