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New Korean series to be released at the end of 2021

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    October 18, 2021 12:45 AM EDT


    If you're excited for the fun of Squid Game, which soared to joker game number 1 on Netflix and are looking for a thrilling series, here are 5 new Korean dramas to watch. Prepare to be released on our home streaming at the end of 2021. What will be there? Let's see!

    My Name (Netflix)
    My Name series, a series of intense action dramas that will keep your eyes peeled. The story of a young woman who has given up on her name. Join a deadly criminal gang to find the man who killed her father. by disguising himself as a police An intense tale of revenge and betrayal starring Han So Hee, Park Hee Sun, and Ahn Bo Hyun, now airs on Netflix.

    Jirisan (iQiyi)
    Jirisan (Jiri San) is a Korean original series from iQiyi, about the operations of a team of forest rangers. who are responsible for providing assistance and rescue on Mount Jeree Experienced park rangers that in addition to helping people They also found a secret hidden at the top of this mountain. Starring Jun Ji Hyun, Joo Ji Hoon, Oh Jung Se and Cho Han Chul, premieres October 23 on iQiyi.

    Snowdrop (Disney+)
    One of the most anticipated series this year is Snowdrop, a romantic melodrama series starring Jung Hae In, a famous Korean hero and Jisoo from BLACKPINK. Create Skycastle, the popular Korean drama of 2019, tells the story of two college students' romantic relationships that took place in 1987, a pivotal year in South Korea's history when masses across the country called on the government. Elections are required. Follow soon on Disney+.

    Bad and Crazy (iQiyi)
    Bad and Crazy, the original iQiyi series from Studio Dragon (My Roommate is a Gumiho, Shooting Stars), a series of heroes defending justice. with the story of the police industry fighting for justice Focusing on corruption problems within the police system and injustice in society With the hidden power, starring Lee Dong Wook, Wi Ha Joon, Han Ji Eun, and Cha Hakyeon aired in December on iQiyi.

    One Ordinary Day (Viu)
    Kim Soo Hyun returns in a new role that will make you suspense up to his destiny in 'One Ordinary Day', a remake of the popular British crime drama Criminal Justice opposite. Leading actor Cha Seung Won tells the story of a young college student whose life turns upside down and gets involved in a murder case that leads him to legal proceedings. Only the lawyer who had passed the exam was the only one who could help him. Prepare to broadcast on Viu