MEMS Gyroscope: principle | type | strength

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    November 22, 2023 3:33 AM EST
    MEMS gyroscope is a device that measures the angular velocity of an object based on the Coriolis force, an effect that creates a force that acts on a moving mass in a rotating system. With the advancement of technology, MEMS gyroscope can meet the needs of many fields, such as north finding and navigation. North seeking MEMS gyroscope is widely used in fields such as oil logging and mining, while navigation MEMS gyroscope can play a role in the aerospace field.
    As a north seeking MEMS gyroscope, MG2-50/100 has 0.01-0.02°/hr bias instability and 0.0025-0.005°/√hr angular random walk, which can be applied to gyroscopic tools, mining equipment, surveying vehicles and other fields. As a navigation MEMS gyroscope, MG2-300/400 has 0.03-0.05° deg/hr bias instability and 0.01-0.025°/√hr angular random walk, which can be used in aviation equipment IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) and INS (Inertial Navigation System).
    ▪ Types of MEMS gyroscopes:
    Vibrating structure gyroscope
    Vibrating structure gyroscopes use vibrating masses to sense rotation. They often have resonant structures that drive vibrations, such as vibrating wheels or tuning forks. As the structure rotates, the Coriolis force causes secondary oscillations that are measured to determine the angular velocity. Vibrating structure gyroscopes are used in a variety of applications, including automotive safety systems and consumer electronics.
    Tuning fork gyroscope
    Tuning fork gyroscopes use a pair of vibrating masses, or "tines," that drive oscillations at their resonant frequency. As the device rotates, Coriolis forces act on the tines, causing secondary oscillations. This secondary oscillation is measured to determine the angular velocity. Tuning fork gyroscopes have higher sensitivity and better temperature stability than vibrating structure gyroscopes, making them suitable for high-precision applications such as aerospace and industrial systems.
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