Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central MB-800 Exam Questions: Effortless Way to Ace Exam

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    November 21, 2023 5:06 AM EST

    The purpose of the Microsoft MB-800 exam is to evaluate your proficiency in setting up and executing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (also known as Dynamics 365 BC) for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMBs). Functional consultants, who are essential in establishing key application processes, customizing the system to fit particular business requirements, and guaranteeing the system's general manageability and SMB-friendly interface, are the target audience for the exam. To guarantee successful exam preparation, you need to include Microsoft Dynamics 365 MB-800 Exam Questions in your learning resources.

    The exam's main objective is to assess your competence in the following areas:

    Configuring Business Central: This involves establishing dimensions, controlling user security, creating charts of accounts, and defining firm information.

    Setting Up the Finances: This includes handling financial reporting, configuring fixed assets, configuring bank accounts and payment methods, and managing general ledger entries.

    Setting Up Purchases and Sales: In order to do this, you must set up procedures for sales and purchases, maintain inventory and warehouses, determine prices and discounts, and handle buy and sales orders.

    Carrying out Central Business Operations: This covers duties including keeping an eye on inventories, interacting with clients and suppliers, processing payments and refunds, and carrying out year-end closing processes.

    Exam Structure: Case studies, drag-and-drop activities, and multiple-choice questions make up the MB-800 exam. It lasts for 120 minutes and is presented in a proctored setting.

    Although there aren't any official requirements listed, it's advised that you have some past experience setting up and deploying Dynamics 365 BC. You will have a better grasp of the system's features and be better equipped to handle the demands of the exam as a result of this experience. Using Microsoft Certification Exam Practice Questions to practice, you may enhance your exam preparation by becoming more used to the format and kinds of questions on the exam.  Functional consultants, who are essential to the implementation and configuration of Dynamics 365 BC for SMBs, are the target audience for the MB-800 exam. These experts usually have a strong grasp of Dynamics 365 BC features and business processes.

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