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MONSTA X reminisces about old love with new song

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    September 11, 2021 4:39 AM EDT


    MONSTA X is back with a mid-tempo song. At the most international "ONE DAY", the latest all-English song that the boys released a music video for you to watch. at midnight (Korea) or 22.00 (Thai)

    After MONSTA X made a comeback with the mini album One of a Kind in June. with the hit title track “GAMBLER” and a digital single “KISS OR DEATH” via the Universe app in July. They have returned with an all-English song titled “ONE DAY”.

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    “ONE DAY” is a mid-tempo pop song that talks about memories and old love. with lyrics released to fans Saw the teaser part, "Wish you the best with somebody new. But they'll never love ya like I do."

    However, MONSTA X's leader Shownu has recently been accepted into the military. The remaining members will continue to promote as MONSTA X members.