Can recycling PPE reduce the problem?

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    September 6, 2021 11:33 PM EDT


    Disposable masks can be melted and recycled to help tackle plastic pollution.The Thermal Compaction Group (TCG) from Cardiff is working to convert hospital waste into new masks with 65% recycled content.The Welsh Government has set a goal to make Wales a "Circular Economy" without generating waste by 2050 Recycling expert Gary Walpole says government agencies like the NHS can, for example, recycle PPE.Old PPE is now burned. causing carbon emissions from global warming Or send it to a landfill, which TCG managing director Mat Rapson said was a "big problem".

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    How does it work?

    TCG is working with seven hospitals across the UK. which uses a heating device to melt PPE The company heated single-use masks, gowns and curtains to 300 degrees Celsius, killing all germs. and recycle 300,000 damaged masks each month. which may be incinerated or sent to landfills It is transformed into a 1 m long, 99.6% polypropylene block comprising approximately 10,000 masks, which are used to make products such as plastic chairs, buckets and toolboxes.

    If a mask goes into a landfill or worse beaches or rivers It takes 450 years to decompose,” said Rapson.It's nonsense. We just throw away these single-use disposable items. But it's not a one-time use. They can be restored and rebuilt many times.The ideal is that all hospital PPE waste will be recycled into masks for hospitals.It is estimated that 19 billion single-use face masks have been used in the UK this year.