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JAY B, multi-named artist with musical talent

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    September 4, 2021 4:39 AM EDT


    It might not be uncommon for an artist to have so many names. to be used to express different works But it doesn't happen often in the Korean idol industry. When a guy named “Im Jae Bum” shows off his musical genius through various names and will continue to evolve day by day endlessly

    Im Jae Bum
    Im Jae Bum, at the age of 7, loved the songs and performances of the legendary Korean boy band g.o.d and began to dream of becoming an artist. He started practicing b-boying in middle school and started competing in various stages. Using the stage name DEFSOUL, he took the word Def, meaning "cool, cool," plus the word Soul, derived from his favorite artist, Musiq Soulchild.

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    In 2009, he and fellow member Jinyoung (or Jr. at the time) passed the JYP Entertainment audition. Out of tens of thousands of applicants, in order not to confuse his name with senior artists, Jaebum went by the name JB. singing and composed music until he composed his own songs for the first time after listening to D'Angelo's songs