Why is the PS5 stock so low and the situation better?

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    August 19, 2021 12:43 AM EDT


    Why is there a shortage?

    Japanese electronics giant Sony released the latest version of the best-selling PlayStation gaming console on November 19 last year. But it was immediately beset by problems related to the inability to meet demand The global coronavirus lockdown has dramatically increased the demand for home entertainment of all types worldwide since March last year. From streaming services to gaming hardware This puts pressure on the long-anticipated release of the new PS5.

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    When stocks hit a high They sold out in seconds - riots also erupted in Japan as frustrated gamers battle in the corridors to get their hands on the new device.The online retailer's website failed due to unprecedented traffic. while those who are successful in buying a website But later on trying to resell at inflated prices through eBay or other second-hand sites only to complicate the situation.Microsoft's Xbox Series X also suffers from supply problems,

    but it's Sony that's fed up with consumer nuisance.Sell everything, absolutely sell everything," Jim Ryan, the company's chief executive of interactive entertainment, told Russian news website TASS in November. “I've spent most of the past year trying to make sure we can generate enough demand for our products. And now in terms of bandwidth for executives. I spent more time trying to increase supply to meet that demand.