Could this be the origin of the dragon legend? bus-winged fossil

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    August 16, 2021 12:15 AM EDT


    Good news for die-hard fans of Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, and Harry Potter: their beloved fantasy world will feel a little more real with the discovery of scientific evidence that dragon-like flying reptiles are huge. live in what is now Australia 150 million years ag Researchers from the University of Queensland studied pterosaur fossils discovered in the area in 2011 and identified them

    as likely belonging to the largest flying reptiles to ever roam our planet.Tim Richards, a PHD candidate and lead researcher, told Reuters: “It's basically just a skull with a long neck. a pair of long wings Which would be a wingspan of seven meters, something like that.So this is pretty barbaric to watch flying above you. It must have been a mighty shadow over a tiny dinosaur shaken somewhere.

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    Flying reptiles have a wingspan of about seven meters. The head was over a meter long and had 40 sharp teeth, suggesting that the dragon-like dinosaur was probably a carnivore. Pterosaur fossils are a unique discovery and mark the discovery of a new species. which researchers call Thapunngaka shawi after the extinct language of Wanamara in Queensland.