Artificial intelligence can diagnose dementia in a day

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    August 11, 2021 12:38 AM EDT


    Scientists are testing an artificial intelligence system believed to be able to diagnose dementia after a single brain scan.He may also be able to predict whether the condition will remain stable for many years, whether it will slowly worsen, or whether immediate treatment is required.Currently, multiple scans and tests may be required to diagnose dementia.The researchers involved in the study say earlier diagnoses using their system can significantly improve patient outcomes.

    Identify patterns

    If we intervene early, treatment can start early and slow the progression of the disease while avoiding more damage,” says Professor Zoe Curtzi of the University of Cambridge and at The Alan's National Center for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. Turing,And it is likely that symptoms appear much later in life, or may never appear.

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    Professor Curzi's system compares brain scans of those worried they might have dementia with images of thousands of dementia patients and their respective medical records The algorithm can identify patterns in scanned images that even experienced neurologists cannot see and compare them with patient outcomes in its database.