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    Video production and editing in austin, tx
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    Professional video editing and production organization based in austin, texas, providing innovative video solutions for corporate promotion, education, videographer austin and community outreach. Horizon film video productions has been positioned at the forefront of video production in austin for nearly 30 years, consistently creating talented and results-driven visuals to listen to the tale of our customers.
    Whether your car needs advertising or marketing porn to present a particular product or service, training or educational porn to visually connect with the latest administrators or the public, or simply requires professional videotaping for an upcoming event, horizon productions has extensive experience developing compelling, impactful and engaging consumables that keep our users coming back.
    Our services
    Video editing / post-production
    Whether we're making movies or using the footage and images you have appeared, horizon is in the business of creating your comic strip with skillful video editing. We will find convincing sound fragments, add graphics, narration and music, process sound and color and bring the finished moonshine in the desired format.
    Filming / videography
    Filming / videography
    Videotaping of events, interviews, b-roll shoots, presentations and other things. On site or in the club. We will find other crew members accordingly to the needs of your birthday and provide high quality picture and audio that will make your video brilliant. Then the commission can edit or transfer the footage to you.
    Video production "full"
    If you have to create a video from the start to the final chord, we are ready to assist in the implementation of the entire process - from pre-production to post-production. We will determine the needs of your project, develop a shooting schedule, edit the footage and realize the finished moonshine that matches your vision.
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    What our clients say
    Peace, love and horizon.
    John paul dejoria
    They shot the video impressively, paying great attention to sound and lighting, but horizon's real strength was in that exceptional post-production work. They functioned lightning fast and on a product budget. I highly recommend working with horizon video!
    Michael mellinger
    The video is really irresistible! Thank you so much for your brilliant work! I really appreciate your promptness - your team is awesome! Appreciate that.
    Cirrus logic
    Wonderful, this is quality stuff! Way to go! Well done.
    Michael & susan dell foundation
    I really liked the video. It's really cool. You guys are awesome! Thanks for the flexibility.
    Employee development
    Horizon is one of the best companies i have dealt with from start to finish of a project. If you are looking for a video production company that pays great attention to detail, provides quality footage, is professional and will make it a very pleasant experience, then horizon video is your perfect choice.
    Crossroads systems
    I am 2 minutes in and all i can say is wow!"
    Texas municipal police association
    You guys are so great!"
    Austin independent school district
    Horizon was professional, courteous, and understanding throughout the entire project.... You all made a world of difference and i can't say enough about how well it went.... Special thanks to chris for the crazy hours and quick turnaround on projects! Your crew was very professional and handled everything perfectly.
    Magic bullet media
    I have to tell you how pleased i am with the quality of the product! I must admit that my expectations were not high - on such a tight deadline - but you exceeded them.
    Texas exes
    They were flexible, resourceful and always willing to give or take direction depending on what we needed for the project. This production company is by far the best.
    Texas exes

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