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What can you do to make your hair look healthy?

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    February 25, 2021 9:32 PM EST
    1. Don't sleep with a wig.
    Maybe after a busy day of life, or if you find it troublesome, you just want to relax in bed and have a good night's sleep, so you wore a wig and went to sleep. But trust me, don't sleep with a wig, please. After you fall asleep, you will flip your body unconsciously, and your hair will rub against the pillow many times, which will cause the wig to become tangled and even break the hair.
    If you really don't want to take off your wig, it is recommended that you at least put a silk scarf on the pillow to reduce friction between the pillow and your hair.
    2. Try to avoid using hair spray.
    Regardless of the hairspray in the pharmacy or the barbershop, repeated use of these products will damage the texture of the hair. No matter how you clean it afterward, there will be some residues on the hair follicles, making your hair look a little greasy.
    If you really cannot avoid using hair spray, please choose high-quality products.
    3. Try to avoid using bleach.
    Bleaching agents can effectively bleach the knots of the burgundy wigs, hide the black spots between the lace and the hair strands, and make the hairline look more natural.
    But you have to know that bleach will cause the wig hair to stretch, making the hair thinner and more fragile, and it is likely to break the hair. So if you want to increase the service life of the affordable human hair wigs, it is recommended that you use less bleach.
    4. Keep your scalp clean.
    Don't feel that your hair can be left unattended just because you wear a wig. Know that keeping your hair clean and scalp healthy is also important for wigs to maintain a longer life. Only when the scalp is healthy can the scalp residue and oil penetrate into the wig. At the same time, keep your scalp clean and fresh, and wearing a wig will be more comfortable, isn't it?
    5. Store the wig.
    How to place the colored lace wigs after it is used up is also a problem that needs serious consideration. If stored improperly, the wig will become dry and fragile, break easily, and even change its shape.
    Every human hair virgin wigs are best stored in silk or satin fabric, if you don’t have one, you can use a plastic bag. Remember not to put it in a cloth bag or cotton bag that can absorb moisture, because it will absorb the moisture on the wig and cause the wig to dry out.
    The synthetic wig can be put in the net first to reduce hair friction, and then put in a plastic bag to keep it dust-free.
    In addition, try to distribute the fake to a cool place, or if possible, place a humidifier next to it to prevent the wig from becoming dry.
    After all, human hair half wig not cheap. I hope that the above little knowledge can help you do a good job of wig maintenance, make the wig look as natural and healthy as possible, and make it last longer.
    If you have other ideas, please come to West Kiss Hair store for a consultation.
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    March 4, 2021 8:07 AM EST

    Just wash your hair 2 times a week for healthy hair

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