plantation shutter

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    June 29, 2020 9:45 PM EDT

    He found out the since exist of get into entrance to cave, will leave here.However is willing soon leave the time here, he or from the in general use space in took out four super bombs of specialized manufacturing, these packing of four super bombses amount of medicine is all above more than 10 tons, packing of four super bombses amount of medicine more than 40 tons.
        The Yan flies to put these four super bombs aloft the blind side of stone wall up, and install to up set off a machine for them.Although soak in the magma under, the this aircraft unique wreckage has no luckily survive of may, absolutely thoroughly melt, but the Yan fly to still keep having to be just in case in case of appearing a surprised circumstance and cause other people's getting parts of materials of aircraft, that flies to the Yan to say to is a huge threat.
        The plan that the Yan flies be, oneself cans not get of thing, can not make the other people get, either.So he would install bomb here, even if the magma can not demolish this aircraft, he will also set off these four super bombs and is deep-fried this cave collapse to fall, make people not get any secret of aircraft.
        After finishing doing all these, the magma of this cave again soared a big piece, all of all plants in the cave start burnable, that aircraft underneath the half thoroughly melt, top the half be thoroughly also slowly soft to pour in the magma, will soon be melted, pour is seem to be Yan to fly just of bomb white the white installed.
        The Yan flies some regrettable, this aircraft secret is too many, even matter to the true facts of mankind's history, regrettable but can not be taken, he can see it be gobbled up by the magma.Yan's flying to completely have never thought oneself to remove the plan that the big fiesta takes charge of will take place so serious result, not only caused a terrible volcano eruption, but also make the underground here split, magma direct from underground jet but destroy this mysterious aircraft thoroughly.
        In the space of outside, each the national gathering is more and more in the satellite here, they all think that the concrete circumstance that know that strong signal source are at momentary.But in the sky of underneath, because the volcano spews of reason, a great deal of of the volcano ash be spewed the sky, then these volcano ash is up in the air to quickly fill the air, makes the whole sky ash receive one.It is exactly the reason of these volcano ash, slowly stopped the circumstance of satellite to this district in the space to fish for.
        Strong signal source and the volcano spew a location of fully have 70 kilometer distances, though is all volcano ash everywhere in the sky, but these volcano ash still has a period of time to the influence here to arrive a highest point.So the sky at this time in although start appearing volcano ash, the satellite in the outer space still can observe the circumstance of ground, just the clear degree wants to offer a discount.
        In the sky of distance, unclearly invite about of can see the airplane machines just fly to come over here in the facing.But in the ground in distance, then appeared huge smoke and dust, a huge and matchless car brigade is closing to here in the facing.
        The Yan flies although still just in the underground cave plantation shutters, but outside there is the satellite of dreamlike island in the space and have in the sky"see"ing of unmanned machine of ability, so he outward the circumstance of noodles is clear.His knowing has already become an everyone here now influence concern of focus, plus underground to continuously soar of magma and top of head tottering megalith, continue to stay will be very dangerous here.Though he loathes to give up the aircraft of underground, also can be helpless to leave.
        However flew already and packed into some important things in the aircrafts all in general use space in the Yan so much inside, just leave now a huge aircraft outer shell is just.This outer shell physical volume is really too big, can not pack to go into in general use space at all, and then can not carry on incising, so the Yan flies to give it up.
        The Yan flew to finally see this cave one eye and started returning to a previous cave, he along the route that comes down time quickly returns.While returning, still keep there being strong earthquake occurrence, there is continuously a cave occurrence collapsing to fall, stop up completely the road gone forward.However the Yan flies luck better, he incredibly the hiding of miracle sort collapse to fall over all caves, very quick follow original road to return to the entrance of top.
        Waited until Yan to fly to just drill an entrance to cave, hear "bomb Long" one ring, he back of the cave incredibly and completely collapsed to fall.If the Yan flies to come out a second late, the meeting be covered up in the cave, this lets the Yan fly a surprised whole body cold sweat.