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plantation shutters

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    June 18, 2020 9:22 PM EDT

    The black dress person again sighed tone and said:"Segment maple leaf, you are really stubborn, seeing to you is to would not like to leave here, rightness?"
        The segment maple leaf hates of say:"In no way may, if not kill off these guys for giving support to a tyrant, I can't leave here."
        The black dress person is silent for a while, say:"I am getting more understand."
        Then segment the maple leaf feel extreme heart palpitates, the heart palpitates degree this time than just when the underground attackstoned under the situation mysterious motion more very, here for an instant, the segment maple leaf feels death.His heart knows far from good, is just preparing to avoid being seen, discover that the black dress person of front seemed to move for a while, however probably was his dimmed eyesight, because that black dress person didn't appear a changes just and thoroughly and afloat and in front of him plantation shutters.
        The segment maple leaf is just preparing high speed to run, feel before the chest a burst of acute pain, he bends over to look below and discovers that oneself's chest appeared a big hole.Being originally should being a cardiac place is incredibly empty, what also have no, then a great deal of of the blood sprayed to flow out but.
        Originally at before for an instant, the heart of segment maple leaf is because of doing not know that the reason incredibly cracked open by explosion.But after heart disappear, the segment maple leaf immediately feels weakening of whole body strength, he is placed in to extremely fear in.Is beyond all doubt, the heart of segment maple leaf can't without cause crack open by explosion, affirmation because the black dress person attackstones of reason.But basically didn't notice a black dress person with the eyesight of segment maple leaf is how to attackstone he or she's heart.
        There is no heart, even if the segment maple leaf is an absolute being class superior, also similar can not live.However he is somehow also an absolute being class superior, have already come to an a highest point to the control of body, he controls body organization and muscle peristalsis right away and incredibly covers up the big hole of heart place, and live the run off of blood.
        After handling wound, the segment maple leaf was raised head and looking at that black dressed person, the mouth inside mumblingly said:"Impossibly, you how probably so severe?I am an absolute being class superior, is a station in highest point in the world of how many persons of a, you incredibly did second kill me?"
        That black dress person be just on recruiting, kill an absolute being class superior's second, however his tone didn't take place obvious change, he says:"The absolute being class superior has already stood at the mankind's highest point, own various miraculous ability, but isn't invincible existence.As long as I would like to, can kill you with at least 100 kinds of method shots."
        The segment maple leaf says:"Impossibly, although I don't know that you make again what ghost, you are absolutely impossibly so severe.I am an absolute being class superior, several thousand years just is extremely a talented person, I can't die so."
        The black dress person says:"Segment maple leaf, your affair I know.Believe your you's in the mind also very clear, you in fact be not vaunt extremely a talented person in outsider, you are just a common run of people."
        The segment maple leaf defies of say:"I am young and then step into divine state and become having a history the youngest absolute being class superior.The time that is similar to my age, on the history those absolute being class the superior be still very far apart from the state of absolute being and even haven't attained a physique highest point.I so surprised just cut off gorgeous, so probably isn't a talented person extremely?"
        The black dress person is silent similar, then say:"Segment maple leaf, do you know why you will appear a character abruption?"
        Segment maple leaf whole body one earthquake, say:"Do you know the reason why?"
        The segment maple leaf has already puzzlingly appeared a character abruption circumstance after broke the state of absolute being.No matter he adopts what way, can not thoroughly cure of this abruption condition.If he also really is worried, but have no who know how to do, hear a black dress person now, the black dress person seems to know that this is what is the row.Though the heart of segment maple leaf loses and have already canned not live much long-term, but he still keeps wanting to know true facts exactly is what.
        The black dress person doesn't have the problem of direct answer segment maple leaf, but continues to say:"Segment maple leaf, your natural endowments not outstanding, and train also not assiduous, do you know why you will become an absolute being class superior?"
        The segment maple leaf is one Leng, he is from the common run of people growth a super superior, arrive to break absolute being class from the super superior a superior, the whole process is very smooth, completely is different from others so want to experience all sorts of hardship.State growth and breakthrough of segment maple leaf are very simple, naturally of success will come, sometimes drink saliva, or completed in the sleeping, very unimaginable.His beginning still thinks that this is own natural endowments strong, listen to the black dress person saying like this and immediately having some doubts now.All these not because own natural endowments, but is other reason?
        The segment maple leaf asks a way:"You know I why the meeting become absolute being class superior?"
        The black dress person says:"I certainly know that everything that you experience I knows."
        The segment maple leaf says right away:"Please tell me the reason, I want to know the answer of everything."
        The black dress person says:"Although I know answer,can not directly tell you.If you return to your segment house, look for in the ground floor of segment my grandfather house, probably can find out the answer that you want."
        The segment maple leaf is one Leng, say:"Do not you kill me?"
        The absolute being class superior's vitality is very strong, even if the heart is beaten to explode, can also control body to carry on blood circulation, continue to continue life.However have no heart of the in the center regulate, the absolute being class superior's body finally still meeting slowly collapse, then thoroughly death.Just this process is some long, as long as the absolute being class superior no longer begins with others, can ast least also maintain life span for three month.Because the segment maple leaf knows that oneself can also live for three more months, the just surprised black dress person incredibly doesn't kill himself/herself.
        The black dress person says:"Segment maple leaf, you are a pitiful person, I in fact sympathize with you very much, but you don't should come to dreamlike island, don't should break the business that the Yan flies, so you have to die.If you would like to look for the riddle regiment in your heart, so I can be lenient with offenders and put you to leave.If you continue to make a mess of to pretty tie up here, I am only a strength of finger, can make you thoroughly perish."
        The segment maple leaf says suddenly realize:"I understood, originally the Yan flies to after death and really have mysterious influence to support him, the development doing not blame him is so quick.I before always at investigate this mysterious influence exactly is who, but a nod a clue to also have no.See you now, I just understand, originally you are a station in the Yan and fly after death of person.I come to kill Yan to fly, is the plan that wants to break you, so you would obstruct me, to?"
        The black dress person says:"Segment maple leaf, you the not basically understand Yan fly of importance, however I can't tell you why I support Yan's flying, either.You still have life span for three month and cherish well, hope to find out to let you satisfied answer."
        After finishing saying, the segment maple leaf again feels in the moment a burst of and absentminded, that black dress person disappears so to disappear, like he appears time, the segment maple leaf still doesn't know how black dress person is left this time.But segment the maple leaf know, that black dress person didn't walk far, but observed own behavior in the neighborhood, once oneself doesn't leave a dreamlike island, but continue to kill people here, the so black dress person will appear, oneself thoroughly the shot kill.
        The segment maple leaf stands at first, the facial expression was uncertain cloudy or sunny, then on trembling a hand, grasped in hand of the right side shoulder still on the ground.After losing heart, the segment maple leaf also lost continuously ability of connecting the body, so this right side shoulder haven't used to him, so is simply to give up.
        Immediately after once the body of segment maple leaf move, disappear at first.Segment maple leaf although canning not see clearly the black dress person is how to leave,he still keep being the absolute being class speed within superior to take, rushed the common run of people basically and discovered not he.Arrived an end, the segment maple leaf still kept accepting the black dress person's suggestion and returned to own old house check to seek heart in of the answer went.As for the Yan flies a this place and had this terrible of the black dress person bless, the segment maple leaf believes to have no anyone to kill Yan to fly. Wholesale plantation shutters