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    June 9, 2020 9:41 PM EDT

    Won at first at rice country desert and Huang of the west, have quite a few of great existence in the crack valley.The beard Buddha dam is to build in therein a great crack valley, so unmanned machine in order not to oneself be used up and learn an equipments and discover, it doesn't fly up Gao Kong, but depresses flight level, is greatly splitting to fly in the valley, so can avoid oneself being discovered.
        There is the instant scanning ability of the quantum radar plantation shutters, the match lends support to the precise operation of Zhi brain, even if be greatly splitting to fly in the valley, the speed of the unmanned machine didn't also weaken the least bit.Just short minute, flew 40 kilometers of distances forward.Arrived this after being apart from, the unmanned machine has already flown off rice soldier is in the establishing of the beard Buddha dam both sides Fu battlefield, even if the rice soldier is also ten thousand cannon volleys, can not shoot unmanned machine.
        Then the unmanned machine Be a to pull to rise upward, flew off nether of big crack valley, rise up 25000 meters high empty, direction in facing Las Vegas flies.The rice soldier at this time has already lost the possibility that the naked eye discovers unmanned machine and plus unmanned machine invisible to radar, so the rice soldier has already been not likely to discover unmanned machine, don't more impossibly attackstone unmanned machine.
      Las Vegas, the casino hall of 100 joy temple first floors, inside of the panic gambler have already been put in the custody of by all of the rice soldier, and one by one carry on row to check, want to find out in have to demolish the companion that conceals.The casino hall inside is all bullet everywhere trace after strafing, have some a smoke to play the smoke sending forth don't have complete dissipation.There is still on the ground a great deal of window glass fragment, there is the non-commissioned officer soldier's corpse of a rice that is shoot~deaed in the fragment, there is still blood stain in ground don't wipe clean.
        On the sofa of flank, that originally sank into sleep soundly in of the rice country catches 1 have muscular spasms, suddenly wake up.His assistant comes over here right away after discovering, asking of concern way:"Slice one Mr. Ke, did you order so much?"
        Add an inside.Slice a gram of blurred for a while, finally resumed normal, say:"Now circumstance how?"
        His assistant says:"Slice one Mr. Ke, your reason logically is right, the destruction for invading already at 100 joy temple casino in disheveled hair now.But the rice soldier didn't hold tight him, be escaped after killing several individuals by him."
        Add an inside.Slice a gram of eyebrows of being wrinkly, say:"Just discovered to demolish a person?"
        The assistant says:"Yes."
        Add an inside.Sliced a gram to think for a while, said:"Give me the wine!"
        Flank of rice soldier the commanding officer come over here and say:"Slice one Mr. Ke, you come to!"
        Discover to demolish really at 100 joy temple casino behind, rice soldier commanding officer right away to add inside.Slice a gram to admire.Although he doesn't know to add an inside.Slicing the gram is how to discover to demolish, but to his of the ability more and more trust.Demolish now escape, although have severe person to left for to make track for shot, he to the task this time still have some not trust, want to ask for to add for a while inside.Slice the opinion of gram.
        Add an inside.Slice a gram consumedly drank one mouthful wine, originally wide awake of appearance again became shake sway.He says:"Don't disturb me first, I still need to continue to observe for a while."
        If the rice soldier commanding officer right away stop descend want to say, heel at add in.Slice a gram after death, see how he carry on an observation to the spot.See add an inside.Slice the gram is fluttering body to walk 1 turn in the casino, then arrived at nether of underground garage.
        Add an inside suddenly.Slice a gram of station in an elevator entrance, say:"I understood, the invader that calls to demolish wasn't a person, and he still takes a person.They are to get into 100 joy temple hotels from here."
        The rice soldier commanding officer eyes a bright, he before always at guessing originally should with demolish together of Yang Qi arrive where went to, but didn't get any clues.It be added an inside now.After slicing gram's reminding Wholesale plantation shutters, realize another person to should be Yang Qi right away.The that strange value is also very big, belong to the person whom the rice country must get, he must leave Yang Qi in the rice country.

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