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How to Install Kaspersky Antivirus with Activation Code

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    May 23, 2020 7:07 AM EDT


    With 300 million satisfied client bases worldwide, Kaspersky Antivirus has provided constant security to user, protecting them from Trojan, Malwares, Spyware, Ransomware and other malicious viruses also preventing users from phishing, spamming and other hacking activities. It is available for Windows, Mac, apple and android smartphones, you can purchase it from retail store or visit Kaspersky official website to purchase online as per your preference and device.

    Now, before you install and activate Kaspersky Antivirus using activation code, you need to have the 20-digit activation code which will required during the installation and activation process. How to get the activation code? It depends on how you have purchased the software:


    • If you have purchased it online, then the activation code will be sent to your specified email address you provided during purchase.
    • If you have purchased the CD from retail, then you will find it in the Quick Strat guide.
    • If you have purchased a license renewal card, see the code on the back of the card.


    [NOTE: To avoid losing your activation code, connect your device with the installed Kaspersky application to your Kaspersky account.]


    Let’s see the step-by-step method for installing and activating Kaspersky Antivirus in your device using activation code.


    For Windows,


    Double-click on the Kaspersky Antivirus file and run the file to begin the installation process.

    1. Click Continue followed by the Install option.

    (Enter the password in the User Account Control screen to delegate the permissions required and wait so that the installation process is complete.)

    1. Highlight the checkbox available near the Start Kaspersky Anti-virus option and tap the Finish button.
    1. Click Continue to explore the features available. (Else, Skip)
    1. Enter the 20-digit activation code in the screen and select Activate.
    1. Click Finish in the Activation Completed Successfully screen.


    For Mac,

    Run the installer of the Kaspersky Antivirus programme on your system to begin with the installation process .

    1. Read through the Network Statement and click the checkbox near the I Agree to participate in Kaspersky Security Network.
    1. Ensure that you read the End User License Agreement and tap the Install option.
    1. Enter the username and password on the User Account (This will give permission for the antivirus to be installed on your system).


    (Wait for the installation to complete…)

    1. Click Activate in the next window that appears.
    1. Specify the 20-digit activation code in the required box.


    Your installation and activation is completed and now your system secured by one of the best antivirus programme in the market.