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Conference Chairs

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    May 22, 2020 6:36 PM EDT

    The conference chairs to be selected for cinema and conference halls should be special. Large and comfortable seats with black leather upholstery are preferred in cinemas. It is important for users to be comfortable as they will sit in conference cinema seats for a long time. The comfortable seats will allow the participants to follow the programs from the beginning to the end. Seats that are not comfortable in cinemas will distract the audience and will not prefer the same hall again. The structure of the seats can always come to the fore for customer satisfaction.

    Conference Chairs and Chair
    People pay attention to the seat structures and features in the conference halls. They want the seats they will sit for a long time to be comfortable. Among the conference chair features, it is desired to be aesthetic and to have orthopedic and ergonomic features of the cushion part (konferans koltuğu). While making our productions, we pay attention to have the desired features in different colors and patterns depending on the place of use.

    As a conference chair manufacturer, we work diligently and offer our customers the highest quality products. For conference chairs, upholstery in blue and green color is preferred. We design the types of seats we produce for the conference halls of the companies to be compatible with other product and decor colors in the hall.

    Conference Chairs Prices
    We use the coating products that we use in conference chair production in different types according to their usage areas. Fabric and leather upholstery products change the manufacturing cost. Conference chairs prices differ due to their easy-to-clean and stain-free fabric properties. In addition, other features such as the ergonomic structure of the seats and the mechanism system are among the criteria that make the prices differ. Our company produces hundreds of models and the cost and sales price of each model is different. Color difference does not create price variability in the same model products. Conference chair prices vary depending on the model of the chair and the type of material used.

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    August 29, 2020 3:59 AM EDT

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