How to become a lifeguard

  • March 22, 2023 6:31 AM EDT

    A lifeguard enforces rules in a pool, water park or natural water source and saves lives by providing rescue and first aid assistance. If you want to become a lifeguard, you will need certain safety courses and certifications to get you started quickly in this field.

    What does a lifeguard do?

    Lifeguards work at pools, beaches, water parks and any water feature where public safety is a concern. The lifeguard's job is to ensure the safety of people in and around the water. They are trained to understand water safety and enforce safe practices by enforcing regulations. They can also provide emergency care.

    Lifeguards may conduct swimming lessons during which they may work with people of all ages to help ensure pool safety, and during timing of swimming or water sports. Rescuers perform the following duties:

    • Opening and closing objects at the beginning and end of the day
    • Protect the water area from dangerous objects and debris that may be dangerous.
    • Monitor swimmers for safety
    • Monitor the weather for hazardous conditions
    • Straight swimmers in and out of pools
    • Regular chemical treatment of water in the pool
    • Performing administrative tasks related to the position

    How to become a lifeguard

    If you want to become a lifeguard, you can do so by following four simple steps:

    • Develop physical swimming skills.
    • Get trained and certified as lifeguards.
    • Set the right expectations.
    • Apply for a lifeguard job.
    • Develop physical swimming skills.

    Rescuers must be able to swim and have the physical ability to swim with a load. Consider joining a swim team to make sure you practice your swimming skills. If you don't have access to a pool at home, you can join a gym to gain access to swimming facilities and develop strong swimming skills.

    You may need to demonstrate swimming skills before being hired as a lifeguard, so anyone considering this job must be a physically capable and strong swimmer.

    Get trained and certified as lifeguards

    Lifeguard training near me is provided through the American Lifeguard Events. You can enroll in lifeguard courses by visiting their website or by contacting your local American Lifeguard Events office. You must also be certified in first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation, which can be obtained through the American Lifeguard Events or other organizations. After you have completed lifeguard training, you must also pass the lifeguard certification test administered by the American Lifeguard Events.

    There are no formal education requirements for lifeguards other than training and certification. That is why it is an attractive option for students.
    Set the Right Expectations
    There are several reasons why someone might apply for the position of lifeguard. Count yours. Some examples might be looking for extra income or working during a break from work or study. Often, students choose lifeguard positions because they are seasonal and correspond to school holidays arat all levels of secondary and tertiary education.

    In some cases, young teenagers can become lifeguards for extra money because a high school diploma is not a requirement. Understand the reasons why you want to be a lifeguard, where you want to work, and set realistic expectations and goals.

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