Benefits of Lifeguard training and swimming with qualified team

  • March 22, 2023 6:29 AM EDT

    This summer's holidays may turn out to be "with obstacles", it may not. However, swimming is allowed Lifeguard training near me is for many of us, young and old, fit or not,

    Valuable health and wellness ally. The benefits of Lifeguard and swimming are many for body and soul, while the sun at the right times (avoided from 12 noon to 4 pm) complements the benefits with a sufficient dose of vitamin D and all the good things contained in it. Among the benefits of swimming - exercising and playing in the water for at least half an hour every day, are the following:

    Weight reduction

    Intense swimming or even moderate-intensity swimming for at least half an hour every day increases the body's metabolism, releases energy, and therefore burns calories. When this happens every day for the whole vacation or even for the whole summer and does not increase the calorie intake through diet, then swimming helps to reduce the weight.

    Relief from back pain

    Swimming is a form of exercise that does not apply pressure or tension to the body's connective tissues. In this sense, swimming is an ideal exercise for people suffering from back, leg and joint pain. In addition, exercising in the water can also contribute to the relief of painful musculoskeletal symptoms regardless of etiology.

    It relaxes the tension

    Swimming relieves the body from the symptoms of stress. It is a "fun" activity, whether it is done in the open sea or in the pool. The combination of the relaxing effect of swimming and the endorphins ("happy" hormones) that flow from the exercise itself contribute to the super light feeling one feels after it.

    It tones the muscles

    Swimmers are distinguished by their extremely strong muscular system, a consequence of repeated movements and the increased resistance created by contact with the water. In addition, the water itself helps swimmers heal their injured muscles faster than other athletes and develop good muscular endurance.

    It is the easiest and perhaps most painless way to improve endurance

    In the pool as well as in the open sea, we can achieve any intensity of aerobic exercise, without causing absolutely any damage to our joints. Good technique in any type of Lifeguard  training and swimming we prefer (backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle, butterfly) can safely achieve any heart rate without threatening the body with injury. Any other prolonged exercise of moderate or high intensity could have a negative effect in the long term. Swimming or jogging in water is particularly helpful for injuries from running or circuit training.  

    Before you take your first dive, do one more check of your general health and let yourself enjoy another summer, in the incredibly alluring Greek seas, which this year we can enjoy with relative peace!

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