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How To Reset AOL Mail Login Password

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    March 12, 2020 3:07 AM EDT

    AOL is a search engine and have a variety of services. It also provides webmail to its user which is safe and secure in all aspects. This webmail is authenticated by username and password and users can login to their account to access their mail easily. Many people find difficulties in remembering their passwords and sometimes forget their own password and are not able to login to their mail. If you meddle up with your email then there is a way you can retrieve your forgotten password for AOL webmail. In this article, I will share you easiest way to reset the password for your existing AOL account.

    How To Reset AOL Mail Password

    First, understand the case properly

    You remember the username but forgot the AOL Password Reset

    This case means that you have an existing AOL account but you don’t have the current password for your account to login. You can retrieve your password in the following ways.
    Open the site explorer and go to AOL sign in page.
    Type your existing user name of AOL account and click on forgot password link
    You will get “Let's reset your password” page which asks your AOL username. Make sure you are not filling in the box provided. example: [not correct] type XYZ

    Now you get a verification page. There are 2 options here

    Text message verification
    Phone Number verification

    Choose whichever is preferable.

    You will get the verification code either in your text message of registered mobile or with registered password recovery email and you need to verify it and then you get “New password” page
    Type in your new password