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    March 5, 2020 1:19 AM EST

    The All-in – One printer 2130 is dynamic safety enabled. You can print, copy and scan and therefore is the ideal printer to meet your everyday needs for printing. It is the most affordable all-in – one wireless printer in HP. AirPrint supports. You can also print on smartphones and tableters from this dj 2130 printer and manage your printing tasks from the HP All-in – One Printer Remote app. Use HP cartridges as they have HP original and high quality prints. We provide printer support and troubleshooting support for 2130. Contact us to get help to make the Deskjet 2130 configuration process easy.

    HP Deskjet 2130 Printer Setup & Ink cartridge Installation
    Remove the printer from the box with clear plastic bag handles. Remove the bag and Styrofoam. Remove all tapes on the printer deskjet 2130. Lower the output tray and the access door for the cartridge to remove the packaging material. Connect the power cord. To turn on the deskjet 2130 printer, press the power button. Unpack the ink cartridges of the setup. Remove the protective tape on the nozzles of the ink. Insert in the slots the ink cartridges. Close the access door to the cartridge.
    Raise the tray of input. Remove the guides of width and load a stack of ColorLok unwrinkled paper. Pull out the output tray extender.

    Deskjet 2130 Windows & Mac Driver Installation :
    How to install Deskjet 2130 Driver for Mac :
    -Take your 123 2130 software and driver installation disk.
    -Load it into your Run the installer.
    -Follow the instructions.
    -Agree to the terms and conditions of that agreement.
    -To complete the installation, select the connection type.
    -If the disk is damaged or misplaced, the software and drivers are available for download from
    -To download the software and drivers, enter and search for your printer model no.
    -When prompted, select the Mac operating system version on which your computer works.
    -At the download page, click Download software and drivers next to the recommended complete solution.
    -Run the downloaded files and follow the installation instructions

    How to install Deskjet 2130 Windows Driver Installation
    Contact us for assistance with the download of the complete, complete software solution and drivers recommended by HP. We also offer help in installing the downloaded file.
    Please use the software and driver installation disk for your 2130

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    March 11, 2020 5:28 AM EDT

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