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how to stop overeating

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    February 9, 2020 12:39 PM EST

    how to stop overeating fact let's do this t it and I want you to imagine your dog just puked all over it your dog just threw up all over the food that you have and took a big shit right in the food that you're eating okay whether it's the cake or the ice cream and the chocolate the pizza the hamburger whatever it is I want you to imagine that it's just cute it's puke it's shit it's piss okay I want you to imagine the texture of that then when you're putting that in your mouth whether it's the ice-cream then that's not really ice cream it's actually even you look at you're like oh my god there's pieces of puke and shit in this ice cream this isn't chocolate ice cream that's not a chocolate cake that's those aren't chocolate chip cookies you actually realize that that's human feces that's shit and I want you to think about that I want you to experience the smell of that the taste of that the texture in your mouth okay now if you're disgusted right now then I did a good job because I just interrupted your pattern okay what happens is when you go into that state of binge eating and then you do something crazy that interrupts that pattern and breaks you out of it then what happens is you do that enough times just like the record in the CD player it just can't play because you've just interrupted it so many times you'll notice that whenever you think about ice cream or that food they'll just lose any desire for it you actually won't want it we disgusted