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You should be fine before you put them in place

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    February 6, 2020 2:26 AM EST

    Your kit, including frame, shutter panels and hardware, is ready to install plantation shutters is a snapshot, even for novice DIYers.
    To make your plantation shutters look perfect, you need to follow these steps:
    After you finish setting up your room, gather the tools you need and make sure all the parts are together, we recommend that you arrange a box with blinds to protect them from the floor.

    The hinges face the ground, joining the miter angles of the frame together. There should be a bow-shaped incision in each joint at each corner. Push the bow-shaped plastic piece into the

    cut. Cover the plastic piece with a small piece of cardboard and gently tap it into place with a hammer. Orient the frame so that the hinge is on the right side and bring it to the window.
    If your frame has pre-drilled holes, drill pilot holes through them and into the wall or window behind the frame. (In some cases, you may need to drill holes yourself.)
    Find the long screws in your hardware box. Depending on the size of the sides of the frame, secure one or two screws into each frame. (The idea at this point is to keep the frame away from

    the window, but still allow some movement when getting the frame square.) Your level of mentality will help you push the frame to a square stand. Once properly aligned, use a screwdriver or

    electric screwdriver to secure the remaining screws in place.
    (In the long run, the time it takes to reach perfection at this stage is worth it.)
    Find where the hinge is attached to the shutter panel and provide it to the rear half of the corresponding hinge in the frame. Pass the hinge pin through the hole in the top through the

    hinge's two halves.
    Fine-tune the height of the blinds with the top and bottom screws on each hinge plate. Once you are satisfied with the position of the shutter panel, secure it in place with a third, middle

    Depending on your design, your hardware kit will include a frame hole cover or filler strip. Use these to cover up the holes for your fixing screws. (They are not for the tension screw

    holes on the side of the shutter.
    To achieve a polished and professional look, the gap between the shutter frame and the window is filled with a decorative caulk.
    We are sure that your plantation shutter installation will go smoothly, but if you feel you need to clarify something, please don't hesitate to contact our team by phone or email.
    Is the installation of blinds a separate project?
    In general, even a novice DIYer can manage the installation of plantation shutters on their own. Take your time, read the instructions carefully, and be careful not to damage the shutter

    panel. You should be fine before you put them in place.
    You may appreciate your help, including:
    For very large or tall windows, one person holds the frame in place, the other drills a hole and then screws.
    The solid protruding blinds are a bit heavier than the blinds of other configurations, so having someone else help you put them in the frame will help. In general, if someone can help you

    fine-tune the shutter height, that step will be much faster.
    Put the blinds into the bay window
    In most cases, blinds can be installed on windowsills like other windows. Here's how to notice the specific steps of the interval window.
    Assemble the frame as usual. Pay attention to how the shutters open from your original design and make sure that the position of the hinges stays straight.
    Start by providing the middle shutter frame to the window. Then place the frame of the blinds on the side of the compartment in front of the window. Because the center of the bay window is

    usually larger than the average, you may need to hold it in place when adjusting the window frame with a spirit level.
    How long does it take to install a plantation shutter?
    Including the time required to clean the furniture and open the box, you should be able to complete each window in 30 minutes. Several factors can affect the installation of plantation

    shutters. which is:
    A bay window (especially a large, curved one) is longer than a small, simple rectangular window.
    The type of installation of the blinds means that you may need to drill to different materials, some may be more difficult and take longer.
    Finely adjusting the height of the blinds means they take a few minutes longer than full height blinds.
    Obviously, if you have a few windows that can be installed with blinds, you will get a bit faster as you go to gain experience.

    Anyway, take your time and make sure everything is perfect. The old adage "measure twice, cut once" received a small modification to this project: "use your mental level twice and drill

    Troubleshoot common problems
    Installing indoor blinds into your home is an easy-to-use project. If you experience snoring, here are the solutions to the most common problems:
    Is the window not square?
    Houses, especially old ones, change over time. Windows are the first place to show changes.
    Our shutters are designed to handle tiny square defects in window recesses or window frames. Just make sure you apply your mental level to the shutter mount and get it because that's what

    the shutters need to open smoothly. Handles and other obstacles If your window has an open handle or a box for a home security alarm system, you will have to bypass these when installing

    the shutter frame.
    For internally installed blinds, this simply means placing the blinds far enough from the window to give proper clearance to obstacles.
    If you are installing outdoors, you should notice obstacles when you measure and your L-frame will be large enough to accommodate it. The Louvre looks loose. If the blinds seem to want to

    open on their own (without moving the tilt lever), you may need to adjust the tensioning screws.
    Just open the shutter panel and find the tension screw on its vertical edge. While holding the shutters connected to it, use a small screwdriver to gently tighten the screws with your

    This step is almost always unnecessary until the blinds see daily use for months (or years). Rarely, the blinds need to be fine-tuned when installed, so you can check them before you put

    away the tools. How to make plantation shutters look great Installing plantation shutters is really a simple project that any novice Dye can solve. The key to how to install a plantation

    shutter on a window is: make sure you have freed up enough space to work and have everything you expect. Follow the instructions one at a time.
    "Twice horizontally, drill once" to make sure your shutter frame is square.
    Do not screw the fixing screw to the hinge until you determine the height of the shutter.
    Of course, if you have any problems or need help, we are always happy to help.
    Now you can see how easy it is to install plantation shutters, take a look at our various design options and let us know when you are ready we start quoting for your home.