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    February 5, 2020 10:57 AM EST

    juicing because you can get a lot of nutrients into one glass be careful with juicing that it's more

    vegetable base instead of fruit with high core cell does that we I court us all that gets tricky so high

    cortisol so when cortisol goes up insulin goes up your estrogen actually increases your testosterone goes

    down you can get into your metabolic syndrome issues but it's a cortisol your adrenal glands are

    producing a lot your cortisol your adrenal glands are also producing your hormones testosterone so not

    just your your testes and your sex organs produce your testosterone but also Brunel's and when you

    shift into the high stress high cortisol state you are gonna have a big drop in testosterone and when you

    have the higher insulin level in the metabolic syndrome and you're getting insulin resistance you get that