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style for 360 Fashion News 2020

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    February 4, 2020 9:41 AM EST

    style for 360 2007 hope that never comes back into style I will never be wearing actually can't say never because honestly yeah I probably would have said I would never wear this style ever again and here we are okay I literally didn't see any good coats like no faux fur anything like I'm so upset about it but I didn't see this blazer which is pretty cute I do love a good Novacek pattern so I don't know it's $17.99 though and I don't love the cut like I feel like it would be better if it was a little bit more oversized but I also found a really cute slip dress in the lingerie section you guys know that's my fave section and this is all that I found but it's really really cute so I'm gonna pick this up - you know it's not looking so good right now and you've got some cute things but not a lot of things okay I found a couple more things which I love this Harley Davidson long-sleeve which I'm gonna crop for sure I found these velour Nike sweatpants which