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a lot of decisions to complete building

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    January 19, 2020 9:00 PM EST

    The client wanted a 3.5-inch shutter, but also liked the clean lines of her case. The depth of the windows is limited and the operable window cranks create obstacles. This made it impossible to install a shutter rinse in her existing window JAMB, which was her first choice.
    She insisted that she didn't want any projection through her window frame, so we designed a unique solution for her window.
    Blinds are built into their own frame (or door frame) and then installed inside the window frame. This framework allows us to create additional projections that require shutter operations and units to clear all obstacles.
    To eliminate the appearance of any Plantation shutters projecting out of the enclosure, Goodwood shutters have made custom-sized enclosure pieces that match the layout of her window frames. These loose casing pieces were then applied on site by Mike and his crew on the existing casing. Final Results? A look that allows customers to have bigger shutters, hidden tilt bars and simple cleaning lines, she hopes.
    If you have challenging windows, a unique project, or just want a high-quality shutter construction and installation with the eyes of a craftsman, please contact Goodwood shutters 800-416-6455 or use our dealer location Near the dealer.
    Being a home builder can be so rewarding, but it requires a lot of decisions to complete building an outstanding home. There are many choices you have to make to please your customers, and if you choose mahogany shutters, your next home construction project will complete this high end treatment. goodwood® African quarter sawn mahogany used to make our mahogany plantation shutters ensures the highest quality finishes. For some home builders, the most challenging part is decorating the rest of the house with the necessary skills to highlight the customization work.
    As the natural color of mahogany changes with age, from pink to more copper or reddish brown, it can be difficult to decide which complementary wall color to choose. In most cases, the mahogany plantation shutters are best matched with other shades around the room, such as the color of the kitchen tile backsplash or the room's bottom trim, crown trim, or interior door.
    Anyone who loves wood knows that the real beauty of wood is definitely worth a background that reflects its character. So how do you choose what you think customers will like? The truth is that color preference adds personal touch, although you will want to look for colors that will improve the finish of the wood, which can be done in many different ways.
    For example, contrasting light beige will attract more eye-decorating accents, and of course, mahogany plantation shutters. In addition, light green, earth sounds will provide maximum contrast. Grey is a very adaptable color, ranging from cold to warm tones, all of which are very related to mahogany.
    So, no matter what your ultimate goal is, whether you want to provide a bold statement or a subtle statement, choosing the right color, the end result must be amazing, and your customers will be obsessed with your choice of Goodwood peach Heartwood plantation shutters.

    Horizontal frame windows can stimulate a love-hate relationship with the owner, especially when they are special shapes, such as triangular windows.
    There is no doubt that rake windows (also known as triangular windows) increase the interest of buildings and the natural light load. This is why homeowners, architects, etc. are attracted. However, they also allow heat and destructive UV rays to enter the home, often increasing energy costs during peak summer months.
    Many rake window window processing solutions help solve some of these problems by covering the triangular window with a fixed processing method. This means that although it looks like your other window handles, it doesn't work and is set in one position. Therefore, these treatments cannot maximize this value during the year when the extra light and heat provided outside the window will be beneficial.
    Is there a better solution. Correct!
    Enter the elaborate plantation shutters ... The movable shutters extend all the way to the angle of the triangular window, and the homeowner can close the shutters to control heat and sun protection during the strongest sunlight. Homeowners can also open the shutters on these triangular windows to take advantage of vision, light, and solar energy in a family-friendly setting. Generally, Goodwood plantation shutters in rake windows are also hinged. This makes it easy to clean windows and behind the blinds, another unique advantage of triangular window blinds.
    Look at the shutters recently installed in a home in southern Oklahoma. Not only are these treatments effective, they also complement indoor mill work, as they are made of knots of pine and match colors.
    We often receive questions from homeowners about how to add shutters to sliding doors.
    A typical installation requires a three-sided frame surrounding the window frame. The window frame head contains a track that allows the blinds to slide back and forth, and the legs on either side of the window frame support the window frame to prevent the blinds from sliding off the track. wooden shutters blinds