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k and fragrant locust flowe

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    January 14, 2020 3:09 AM EST

    In May, peach blossoms, apricot blossoms, and pear blossoms went away with the departure of spring, walking among the alleys of mountains and mountains, and between the mountain beams. Only the tree-tree locust flowers raced to spread the rich floral fragrance, making the entire village even distant. The wilderness is soaked in sweet and long fragrances, and Shino has become a natural oxygen in the world. In addition to this, the locust flower can also be picked and eaten, especially when you can eat a bunch of pink and fragrant locust flower in hungry years, it is the sweetest moment Newport Cigarettes. Although my childhood is no longer worried about the abdomen, picking locust flowers is still the expectation and favorite of each year Online Cigarettes. In the early summer, after a few drizzle rains, the field trees and the locust trees at the village alleys began to spike as if ordered. The slender ears were bred with pink spores and radiated in the strong sunlight The glittering golden light, if the wind rises, will sway into a tree-to-tree dazzling brightness, projecting mottled and broken shadows, and scattered like silver coins. However, for a few days, the pink spores faded from the coat, exposing the white bones, and the sweet aroma secretly ran out of it, permeating the village. Although it could not compare with the sweet-scented osmanthus ten miles, it also ran across the village Marlboro Red, The nose is mouth watering. At this time, the naughty children came up three or five, shouted, climbed the tree, and dropped down while chewing on the cheekbones. The entire locust tree became more fragrant and seductive in the shaking. Sometimes, in addition to having enough food, I also took the Huaihua back with my placket, and shouted to let my mother reconcile with white noodles, and bake it into Huaihua cake. The mother was grotesque and busy noodles while baking the cake. Distracted to eat, everyone was warm and crazy again. Time flies, the locust flowers in my hometown have bloomed, and the birds during the tweet come and go, and the people who carry their dreams flow into the neon of the city, and I am no exception. Say goodbye to a tree of pale white locust flowers, living in a small space made of reinforced concrete. Fortunately, there is a field of flowers and trees next to the residential area. Several slender locust trees bloom white every May, and the wind blows, and the dense fragrance of locust flowers enters the room. Smell the flowers, drink tea, cozy and comfortable can not help but remember the village of the hometown of locust trees, while the elderly parents leaned against the window fence, looking towards the hometown for a long time at this moment, looking at the colorful locust trees outside the window Is your hometown safe? Is the old independent house still safe? Tonight, I hope this fragrant incense will shake my dreams back to my hometown and bring my dreams and attachments to my hometown.
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