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wooden shutters blinds

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    January 9, 2020 9:58 PM EST

    The Yan flies to start looking into this map, in the heart but appeared a burst of and familiar felling, felt oneself seem the where once saw this map similar.Yan's flying when the unmanned machine gets stripe each body characters is also all promoted, includes memory among them, so he a while think of he is a where to once see this map.
        The Yan flies a burst of look for in the in general use space, then from in find out an envelope, he opens this envelope, from in take out a map.This map is what Yan flies to get when Africa and gentleness meet.That is the Yan to fly for the first time meet can predict future valley old man, the Yan flew to ask the valley old man the second question at that time, that problem BE"I later of where was the development direction ?"
        But valley old man's giving the answer of is this map in the envelope, that map is the piece that the Yan flies to take in the hand now.In the map, the valley old man drew a big turn and wrote in the big turn"development chance, in this waters!"
        Afterwards the Yan flew really to acquire a tremendous development in this waters and even let the unmanned machine get stripe 4 classes.However the Yan flew at that time of neglected a matter, that be on this map, drive the valley old man was used the pencil ordered one in the top a little bit small.However that is a little bit small is the ending of affair of circle that the old man in valley draws, Yan after flying thought at that time that the valley old man drew a circle without extra trouble in the top order for a while, mean the meaning of be over.He also has a habit like this by himself, Plantation shutters so don't arouse a value.
        But when the Yan flies to arrive at this waters, after that map one contrast of the map and valley old man that shows in the assistance Zhi brain database, he discovers that right away a little bit small isn't a valley old man a little bit confused of, because he is in the position on the map now at the right moment and that is a little bit small heavy match.
        Is also say, that is a little bit small is what valley old man intentionally orders up, valley old man has already reminded that the Yan flies, the position of this a little bit small place is his real development chance, but outside that circle then his movable scope.
      The Yan flies to looking at old man map in the valley up order of that is a little bit small, combine oneself again now the position of the place, rise a fierce felling of doing not feel clearly in the heart.That valley old man is really a God-man, incredibly at so early previous predicted this place, return to leave oneself hint, regrettable but be neglected by oneself.If isn't this because oneself wets urgently, perhaps can't land here during a lifetime, can not also discover forever this map in of conceal clues.
        Want to know that the area of these group of islandses is very small, and the place location is the northern Pacific Ocean of group of islands scarcity, so at ignore which national publication of map the top all didn't show.Even if these group of islandses was discovered by those fishermans who go out to sea a dozen of fishings, they couldn't put, either in the mind, because can not get any replenishment here, even can not make them hide to seek shelter from wind.If wasn't a Yan to fly to get here in person, he even all didn't know to there are still here a geezer group of islandses.
        Discover that this location was a valley old man to once predict of after belonging to his/her own development chance, the Yan flews and then values very much to here.Hence he simultaneously let the unmanned machine fly up Gao Kong, make use of the picture collections ability of unmanned machine carries on a collections to the image data of these group of islandses, simultaneously open quantum radar, carry on a big scope scanning to this waters.Is very quick, these datas gather assistance Zhi brain, the Yan flew to know this distributing of group of islandseses circumstance a while.
        First, the amount that constitutes the group of islands of this group of islandses comes to a 108 of many, but their areas are all very small.Biggest group of islands area also only 50 square meters, but minimum of group of islands even only two square meters.The tallest group of islands is apart from a sea level to only have five meters, the lowest group of islands even will be drowned by the sea water while rising tide. wooden shutters blinds