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Toner cartridge with no chip/Printer question

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    January 4, 2020 6:33 PM EST

    I would like to know where could I buy high quality toner that will suit any printer?
    I mean that I need a toner that will be compatible with any printer

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    January 4, 2020 7:28 PM EST

    I was looking for that kind of toner as well for a couple of times. I have found the best solution for me and I will share my experience with you, hope it will help you as well. To cut it short, I was looking for a good Black toner cartridge for my printer that will fit any printer because I won't remember the name of the printer I will use or I am using right now. I think you will be able to find as well if you will search a little bit more and ask for that information in the stores. Wish you good luck

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