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    December 9, 2019 5:00 AM EST

    Sure Cleanse Keto is you've been able to change your life and live with discipline don't you want to set an example for your kids where they grab a kale salad rather than a Snickers bar because they watched you do it first don't sugar but we don't have that right now and sometimes we just use our stevia so we're gonna be using some liquid stevia so we're gonna do a couple squirts um it's a big cake so we're kind of gonna do like a good amount you guys not into the TV [Music] the next thing is brown sugar so you probably guys are like wow she had a lot but it's actually not a lot cause it's just a few drops of stuff and yeah it doesn't make very good squirt like it doesn't fill the whole thing that either it just is like a couple of drops so you kinda have to get in there okay so the next thing is 1/4 cup of brown sugar and like I said on this there's a little