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    Tummy Tuck Before Your Wedding Health Articles | November 2 Nolan Patrick Youth Jersey , 2011

    If you want to have an hourglass figure at your wedding, you might want to think about a tummy tuck. Here are some tips to plan for it.

    Every bride wants to look gorgeous in her white gown and a tummy tuck might be the way to do it. So many wedding gowns are fitted these days, which is a very attractive look. Even those classic, old-fashioned dresses usually have cinched waistlines that require a tiny midsection to appear lovely. If a bride-to-be has a bulging belly, it will be hard to find a gown to flatter her figure. They just don't make many gunny sack bridal dresses or ivory muumuus. Wearing a girdle all day will be downright uncomfortable. If you want to shave sagginess and pooch off of your abdomen before tying the knot Wayne Simmonds Youth Jersey , you'll have to plan accordingly. Here are some tips:

    - What the procedure is like: When an abdominoplasty is performed, the doctor will be removing excess skin and fat from the external midsection in order to tighten it up. The internal corset of connective tissue will also be tightened as this is a culprit in many bulging bellies. This connective tissue is called fascia and it is designed to hold all internal organs such as intestines, bladder, stomach and liver into a snug position. When it gets stretched out, it will allow everything to hang out. Not an attractive visual! Surgery and liposuction may be combined to create the taut belly.

    o Liposuction: Lipo is performed by the doctor who places a slender medical tool called a cannula into tiny incisions. The doc will then turn on the suctioning apparatus and vacuum away the excess fat.

    o Tummy tuck operation: An incision will be made in the bikini line and the excess skin will be removed. The belly button will be repositioned into a more central location. This is done by making a tiny incision in the appropriate spot and pulling the navel through it. This operation will require an overnight stay in the hospital and possibly two. There will be pain and swelling initially but the final result will be gorgeous.

    - Time frame: It takes approximately four months to completely heal from this operation. If a bride is planning a June wedding Jordan Weal Womens Jersey , a January operation might work as to allow a minimum of 5 or 6 months for a complete recovery and time to shop for the wedding gown. It will be hard to tell what her exact measurements will be until the end of the fourth month. She may very well end up with a 24 inch waistline and a dress that hangs off of her if she buys a gown too early. In this event, she could have a seamstress do a few tucks in the dress at the last minute.

    - All the other planning: There will be lots of other planning to do before for the gala celebration of a marital union. Plans should all be started a year in advance so that caterers, photographers, wedding venues, musicians and tummy tucks can all be worked in.

    With the help of a tummy tuck Brian Elliott Womens Jersey , a bride can wear one of those form fitting white gowns that have become all the rage. She'll have a flat belly and will be happy to show it off on her special day.

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