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    November 2, 2019 4:50 AM EDT

    insta keto yeah that's crazy they're tricking the people and like I say you have more erectile problem understand that so it is so there's nobody can convince me that this shit is good nobody I already know our chemical reaction or come from it where as sooner or later what is coming yes so it's easier for you to just tell you are yes and make sure you have somebody that turn you on enough to have sex with them yeah don't force yourself to have sex with nobody got it you need pill I don't think so don't force yourself that's who I am if you can get me aroused and not me you're not the right one of course you're not I'm gonna get the person I can get me right where I wanna be yeah and hold me right there that's all so it is now if you have a major problem with that female you can get hard for you need to move around you have bigger problem than you think that's just how I see