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Just interesting

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    October 24, 2019 8:32 AM EDT

    I was wondering what sports sites people rely on when placing bets? I know now a lot of people are trying to make money like that.

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    October 28, 2019 12:12 PM EDT

    It was also always interesting to find out what sites people use.

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    October 29, 2019 8:21 AM EDT

    Well, if we talk about sports sites, first of all, I think everyone trusts the site, since there is constantly the latest information about all the matches held in the near future

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    October 31, 2019 8:40 PM EDT
    I don’t believe in any sport sites for making money , all I do believe in is this casino site where I can play and be sure that I will get my money cuz I know the games is controlled by me but not just other people , I believe it’s more safe .
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    November 1, 2019 3:25 AM EDT

    Thank you for good information. It must be useful to many people.



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    November 3, 2019 7:32 AM EST
    Well there are many of them but point is are our really good at sport? Before I made some bets but failed so now I just play casino games and if you want to try you can Get 150% bonus on your first deposit . I see that I’m really better at this . Maybe because here I have game control .
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    November 3, 2019 1:50 PM EST

    There are a lot of sites

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